To People Who Want To Partner With Sanitation Professionals And Improve Their Sanitation Program Along With Their Food Safety Program - But Don’t Know How To Get Started

Here's The Way To Turn Your Sanitation Team Into Sanitation All-stars , And Professional Sanitors, So That You Can Prosper and Thrive!

We have over 12 years, of experience we've been serving several clients thought California and in the Midwest areas of the United States providing exceptional Sanitation Services to make sure the food produced by our client is made in a clean and safe facility.

We have decided to make our lasting presence in the Sanitation Industry and being a part of your team. We will stand by your side whenever you need us. We are by your side on a nightly basis cleaning your facility and ensuring the integrity of the Food Safety in your Plant, along with being by your side in Food safety audits that goes for all being FDA, USDA or Third party audits.

I would like to share a small antidote,

From some time ago there were two facility's both of similar size and producing similar quantities of food. Both plants wanted to scale their business and move their company's to the next levels. One facility decided to bring in a sanitation company to help manage the sanitation process and the other facility decided to stay as an in-house facility and not accept help from a professional sanitation company.

Have you ever wondered and thought what does it take for someone take themselves to the next levels? What is needed to move forward and not stay stagnant? It's not that one wants success and the other one doesn't.

After a few years there was a shift in the progress for one of the facility's. There were expanding twice there size and where making growth at a rate that would have not happened for a decade, while the other facility was still close to where they were at just a few years ago.

What set these companies apart was not just what was done during the Sanitation Process but the fact that one company partner along with professionals to take the stress of running the sanitation program off there hands so they can focus on how to push there operations to the next level and have there sanitation partners supporting them during this process.

Taking all of this into account this is why we have taken the decision to be that partner for you, to be by your side and not just watch but to help you grow your business. Our purpose along with providing help as sanitation specialists we are here to support your and help you prosper.

Not Just Contract Cleaners But A Team That Has Your Back

Alameda Cleaning Services is a company here to clean your plant, take the stress of the nightly cleaning done at your facility, and help you expand and be by your side whether that be in Audits, when your taking steps to push your company to new heights or if you need advice or help from Sanitation experts.

Where Here And Ready To Partner With You

If you have been interested in seeing what the life of someone that has a contract sanitation company is like, we do offer one time cleaning at your facility so that you can have your plant cleaned and sanitized by professionals. If you are intrigued we can offer you a free walkthrough to give you a bid for how much it would be to clean your plant which can save you money.

Reach out to us by emailing us or setting up a call with us. We can schedule a visit to your plant to be able to do a walkthrough and hand you a bid on how much it will cost.

About those two facilities that I had mentioned earlier the plants were similar size and produced amounts of similar product, so what was the difference between them.

The willingness to partner with someone that will help you move forward with you while you move in a direction to scale your company.

Our Services


Cleaning Procedures

Cleaning removes visible solids while sanitizing reduces pathogens on surfaces to safe levels.


Processing Facilities

Cleaning can be considered as one of the most important activities in food processing plants, as correctly performed cleaning provides the necessary environment for proper handling and processing.


Good Manufacturing

Good Manufacturing Practices are the basic operational and environmental conditions required to produce safe foods.


Hazard Analysis

HACCP is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards.


Audit Readiness

When you partner ACS, you get much more than just basic contract sanitation. We can keep your plant clean, safe, and on schedule and optimize it to be as productive as possible.


Chemical Processing

To further our dedication to food safety, ACS is dedicated to developing chemical products and equipment and pairing them with our proven procedures to streamline your sanitation processes.

Audit Ready

We are at all time audit ready for all different types such as BRC, SQF, USDA, FDA,

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